Player Songs

Here are some player songs, again courtesy of the Boston Gooners….

We’ve got Özil, Mesut Özil!
I just don’t think you understand.
He’s Arsène Wenger’s man,
He’s better than Zidane,
We’ve got Mesut Özil!

Torreira, whoaa,
Torreira, whoaa,
He comes from Uruguay,
He’s only five foot high!



Aubameyang, Aubameyang, Aubameyang!

De, de, de, der der de, 
De, de, de, der der de, 
De, de, de, der der de, 
Aaron Ramsey! 

Unai Emery’s Red and White Army!

Rob Holding, y’know,

He’s better than Cannavaro!

Ain’t nobody,
Like Koscielny!
Makes me happy,
Makes me feel this way!

Oh! Petr Čech is magic, he wears a magic hat!
He could have stayed at Chesea,
But he said, “No, f**k that!”
He saves it with his left hand, he saves it with his right,
And when we win the league again,
We’ll sing this song all night!