2015 Pre-Season Meeting Notes

Improving the Match Day Experience:
We are working with Barristers management to offer some drink specials during Arsenal matches. We also want to get people together better, so we’re going to look into creating some signage and reserving some tables to help prevent us being split from each other. This should go a long way towards improving the experience.

Promoting the Club:
We are going to try to push for more exposure to let more people know what is going on. More pictures on twitter and facebook, some video of match days, maybe use more social media options like instagram, snapchat, etc. Please let us know your thoughts and what you think works and what doesn’t.

We’re looking into more stickers and such, but the biggest hit was the pint glass idea. We’re gathering information about potential costs and potential sponsorship to offset those costs. Scarves and shirts were also discussed. Feedback is welcome on these, or other, ideas.

Other Activities:
FootGolf – beyond scheduling some casual outings (stay tuned), we also want to create an annual STL FootGolf Open event and help a charity in the process. We plan to challenge other supporters clubs to join as well.

Home-Away Events – the one that has been talked about more than once is with the KC Gooners. We need to find some weekends where there is an Arsenal match and a STLFC match, then one in KC with Sporting playing. There was also talk of Chicago, which we had a few visitors from last season.

Anything with STLFC and American Outlaws – as opportunities arise.


Arsenal America:
Go to http://arsenalamerica.com/membership to see the full benefits of being a member. This year they are starting a branch support program – if you designate which branch you’re a part of, AA will give a portion of the fee to the local branch. We can use that money to help with merchandise (cheaper pint glasses!).

Some of you know that our own Jason Tilford​ sold Barristers a few months ago. But fear not, the new owners introduced themselves at the meeting and along with the same manager, Frank, they are looking forward to working with us. They will be open for all games no matter how early.

We understand that some have other places they call home, but we do encourage you to come to Barristers when ever you can. We will always listen to feedback, but there is one key element that impacts us – from the Arsenal America Branch Guidelines, General Requirements – “Have a dedicated home bar that opens for matches and gives Arsenal matches TV and volume priority”. We need consistency not only for us as locals, but to provide a haven for out of town visitors as well. We do not want people to show up and not be able to hear the game.

PLEASE, PLEASE give us feedback, offer to get involved, etc. Our success depends upon each and every one of you. THANK YOU Soooooo much for being a part of this so far. We’re looking forward to a great season and want to share it with you!

email:  info@gatewaygooners.com


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